KOC industry corp.

  • 1980 motorcycle battery
    1980 motorcycle battery
  • 1990 50cc scooter
    1990 50cc scooter
  • 2007 e-moped
    2007 e-moped
  • LFP motorcycle battery
    LFP motorcycle battery
  • TUV



Founded in 1982 , the company started out as a manufacturer of batteries for cars and motorcycles(New Sun Battery corp.), then, a manufacturer of  traditional two-stroke moped or scooter.


Continued research led to the development of electric vehicles,  now, KOC Industry is a leading manufacturer of electric bikes based in the city of Kaohsiung, Taiwan.


 In a country with some of the highest number of scooters and motorbikes per capita, KOC leads the competition when it comes to the manufacturing of electric bikes. Scooter manufacturing background  has made KOC a market leader and innovator in the field.


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